Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tipsy Tuna Toss

The Tipsy Tuna Toss is another event that was a major hit at Placencia Lobsterfest 2006 but never happened in 2007. This year there were plenty of people who decided to "Toss the Tuna".

Imagine this - This tuna weighs close to 35 lbs and the object of this contest is to toss it as far as you can.... after you've turned around several times. You can not use the tail or the fins as handles to give you a better grip. You have to hug and squeeze this tuna like it's your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife and then on your final spin you toss it as far as possible. Everyone gets three chances to throw..... farthest throw wins.

The guys were first and slow to sign up but once they got the picture we ended up with 12 guys ready to show their stuff. Each person had their own "method" of throwing -

This was a throw that went far but not quite far enough. The winning throw was a 25ft toss by Danny from the States. People had to scramble out of the way to avoid being squished by the flying 35 lb Tuna. Second place went to Anwar from Belmopan with a 23 plus ft throw.

If the guys threw far the ladies made up for distance with their entertaining antics and method.

"Little Bit" the dancing diva........ farthest throw was about 3 ft.

The first and second place in both the men & women's categories won $50 & $25 respectively and Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar t-shirts!

The Tipsy Tuna Toss was a BLAST!!!!! Can't wait to have it again at Placencia Lobsterfest 2009 - June 26th, 27th & 28th!!!

Photos courtesy of Fiona Macfarlane
Blog by Placencia Lobsterfest Rocks!!!!!!

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