Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Fishing Tournament

The Placencia Fishermen's Day Saltwater Fishing Tournament takes place the Saturday & Sunday of Placencia Lobsterfest. This year the winds were blowing and the seas were especially rough and only nine courageous captains & crews registered to compete.

Weigh in happens at 5:30 pm on Saturday and 3:30 pm on Sunday down at the Placencia Fishermen's Cooperative main dock. This year's officials were Salva Zabaneh, Carlton "Jack" Young, & Andrew Godoy.

The tournament always has great sponsors - this year the sponsors included Shell Placencia, Belize Bank, Insurance Corporation of Belize, Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar, Marelco & Yamaha, Barefoot Beach Bar & The Secret Garden. Others that sponsored can be seen on the Placencia Lobsterfest T-shirt.

This is the scale that has been used in the past for the tournament.

This year a digital scale was used for the weigh in.

The catches were not as big as previous years but a few of the fish that did come in were real WHOPPERS!

A barracuda from the "Teresa G"

Dorado from the "Coulton's Reef"

A barracuda and the largest fish caught by a woman

A wahoo - "Coulton's Reef"

The crew of the Olivia V

Of course it is Lobsterfest so there has to be lobster - this was the largest one caught!

LoveFM never missed a beat! They reported all weekend on everything that Placencia Lobsterfest had to offer.

In the end this fishing tournament judge's shirt says it all...........

Join us for next year's tournament - June 27th & 28th!

Photos courtesy of Muzamanzie Photographs

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Anonymous said...

hey i love the pics, but i was really looking forward to see the dorado caught by boat akeera, that was really the fish of teh tournament