Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who makes it happen?

Placencia Lobsterfest has grown over the years and really takes a lot of hard work and great planning to pull off. The Placencia Village Council & the Placencia Tourism Center/PBTIA are the main coordinators of the weekend. We start planning in January believe it or not.

The BTIA booth at Placencia Lobsterfest where the Lobsterfest shirts can be found and the raffle tickets for the Placencia BTIA raffle. Felisha worked all weekend long and had the help of Shieba from the Toledo BTIA office. Thanks Sheiba!

This is the drink ticket area at the Placencia Village Council bar - Phillipa & Graham worked long hours that weekend.

Cleve, from the PTC, looks relaxed but this picture caught him at the only moment he sat down that weekend. He made the long trip to the Kendal Bridge (or rather lack of bridge area) on Saturday to make sure the New Creation Band who had played Friday night got back across to the north side and Gilharry 7 made it across to the south side so they could perform Saturday & Sunday. Cleve also found the man that was heading to Placencia with the fireworks for Saturday night and brought him back.

This is the Love FM crew (minus 1 person) They come down every year to broadcast from Lobsterfest so that those throughout the country who could not make it still can feel a part of it. Usually they drive down but with the bridge out this year they FLEW in from Belize City! Now that is dedication!

Brian, village council chairman, was being interviewed by Love FM telling people all about our great festival! He started off the weekend by taking part in the 5 mile "Battle Cancer Walk" from Seine Bight Village Friday morning!

Salva, Ellie & Mr. Jack made sure the fishing tournament ran smoothly this year. Mr Jack got up each morning to check the boats before they left at 5 am!!!! That's early!

PBTIA Chairperson Bev spent several hours manning the BTIA booth along with Felisha. I think she is about to put some lucky tickets into the raffle barrel.

Dave (our tug o war official) is part of the PBTIA. He helped out throughout the weekend with different events like the Tuna Toss, the kayak race & the fishing tournament - generally whatever needed to be done. He also revamped the raffle barrel & BTIA counter front so that both were in tip top shape for the weekend.

The bartenders kept the crowds at the bar happy and well hydrated!

Perfecto, on the four-wheeler, ran ice, drinks, band equipment etc ALL weekend long. He was a round the clock trooper.

DJs kept the music and announcements coming all weekend long. Thanks guys.

There are others on the Lobsterfest Crew whose pictures have not been turned in yet but will be posted soon!!!! These include Ms. Karen, Harald, Lloydia, Doc, Jodie, Ilsa & Tanya. Also missing was Gillian, who helped big time getting the preparations for the raffle together starting as far back as January but is now off having her baby. :) Congrats Gill & Salva!

Join us next year for Placencia Lobsterfest 2009 - June 26th, 27th & 28th!!!!

Photos by Muzamanzie Photographs

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